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In-Person Services to Resume in Sanford and Biddeford July 12th

York County Community Action is in the process of returning to normal business operations—that is, to in-person services at our Sanford and Biddeford office sites—beginning July 12, 2021. (Kittery will reopen at a later date, as detailed below.) We will extend remote assistance to clients and patients who opt not to come in.

Most YCCAC staff continued to provide direct services throughout the pandemic. Some staff worked remotely, from their homes, but by and large our programs functioned as they had before the onset of COVID-19. We made modifications when are where necessary, but our clients and patients were served without fail.

The pandemic is not fully eradicated, but it no longer poses the danger that it did 16 months ago. Businesses have reopened. Schools are planning for in-school classes in the fall. The tourist season in Maine will be like the ones we remember from . . . before.

The In-person Service Guidelines will help ensure the safety of our clients and our staff as we transition back to regular service operations. Please review them carefully. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Missy Flayhan at

In Person Service Guidelines

Spruce Street - Clients:

a. Main and WIC entrances open to the public. (Clients bringing paperwork for copying will continue to be served using the window.)

b. All members of the public age five and older are requested to wear a mask. This is consistent with Federal Transit Administration requirements as a Transit Hub. People who are unable to wear a mask or refuse to wear one will be served virtually if possible. (Please consult your supervisor for guidance if this is not possible.)

c. YCCAC staff will wear masks in common areas accessed by the public (e.g., reception, hallways). In other areas, our current staff protocols will be followed (no masks if vaccinated, masks if unvaccinated).

d. Maintain plexiglass barriers for reception desks.

e. When outside of reception areas, clients will be accompanied by the staff person they are meeting with.

f. Minimize large (10 or more people) gatherings of clients in the building (e.g., trainings).

g. Clear, simple signage about all of the above.

Spruce Street – Other Members of the Public:

a. Minimize in person meetings with members of the public in the building. Once in a meeting room, attendees can choose to use current staff protocols (no masks if vaccinated, masks if unvaccinated).

b. Minimize large (10 or more people) gatherings of members of the public in the building.

c. Board meetings: no masks if vaccinated, masks if unvaccinated.

3. Biddeford: Same as Spruce Street.

4. Kittery: will remain closed to in person service until the building it re-opens; in-person service off site possible.

Head Start will develop its own guidelines for classrooms and parent drop off/pick up.

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