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Former Volunteer Driver Carol Ojea passes away at the age of 78

Deb Paradis, Assistant Transportation Director, sent the message below in remembrance of Carol Ojea:

Carol was a dedicated Volunteer Driver for YCCAC’s Transportation program for 23 years. She began her volunteer service in 1993 and drove consistently until 2014, when she took a few years off to take care of herself while facing some health challenges. She returned in 2018 and drove for another 2 years before giving up her volunteer service permanently due to failing health.

I can honestly say that Carol was one of our favorites among a great group of dedicated Volunteers. It was impossible to spend any time with Carol and not enjoy yourself. She had a beautiful smile, wonderful sense of humor and loved to joke around. In fact, she carried this with her right to the end. A dear friend of hers told me that only a few days before she passed, Carol jokingly asked her, “So when does this dying thing start, you know I’ve never done this before?” And all those who knew her wouldn’t expect less!

Carol was predeceased by her daughter, Tammy, who also volunteered for YCCAC. We are sad to say goodbye but know that she fought the good fight with courage and humor and we are happy to know she will be rejoined with the daughter whom she loved dearly.

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