Donated Knitwear to Warm the Body, and the Heart

A Biddeford Pool resident, Chrisee P., yesterday donated for our “Giving Tree” at Spruce Street dozens of hand-made hats, scarves, gloves and mittens. She sent a message asking if we could use them, and was delighted to learn that we would make them available to clients. In a second email, she wrote:

You do really important work. I'm glad they (the clothing) can be of use. Those (the four boxes of knitted winter clothing) are from the last few years, but that's typically about how many I make in a year.

I made many (of the clothing items) with the consideration that the person getting them might be homeless. They (the neck scarves) are heavy and can be wrapped a few times. They can also be pulled up to protect someone's head or folded as a pillow, or the two sides can be spread out like a small lap blanket. I know it's special and personal to have something handmade. Mimi (Chrisee’s grandmother) would make us mittens and she taught me how to knit, and now I get to help my community stay warm.

So glad this was helpful


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