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COVID-19 Outbreak Reported in Sanford

As you have probably heard, there has been an outbreak of COVID-19 in Sanford over the past seven days. The Portland Press Herald reports Sunday that as of Friday, August 28, there were 54 confirmed COVID cases at York County Jail, 5 known cases at Calvary Baptist Church, and that earlier last week there were “at least” 3 confirmed cases at the Sanford Fire Department. The coronavirus spreads easily and rapidly. We must take every precaution to avoid exposure to it. To that end, YCCAC has adopted a strong set of guidelines for staff coming to work in agency offices; these include: • Screening at Nasson Health Care and at the Self-Screening stations in the Sanford and Biddeford office sites • Wearing a face mask at all times except when in a protected environment--e.g., in a personal office with no other staff. Staff working with or near others should get guidance from their Department or Program Director • Maintaining social distancing—6 feet apart, at minimum • Washing your hands thoroughly and frequently All YCCAC staff should pay close attention to their own possible exposure through York County Jail, Sanford Fire Department, and the Calvary Baptist Church. Staff who may have been exposed or who feel ill should not come to work. Caring for your health and safeguarding the health of others is our—and your—top priority. If you have questions about staying home due to illness or possible exposure to COVID-19, please contact Missy at 324-5762 X2958. As a reminder, staff working from home need approval from their Department Director or supervisor to come into the office. Having staff work from home where possible is an important strategy for protecting the health and safety of all staff, as well as that of our clients and patients. That we’re working during a public health emergency is a reminder that we need to be vigilant in caring for ourselves and our co-workers. We should remember also that the work we do each day has impact and meaning, and that delivering our services is not a small thing—indeed, for many, it is everything.

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