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Charting Our Weekly Internal Referral Goal

Our initial internal referral target is an average of 50 referrals across programs each week. This is a doable goal, one that’s been achieved three times over the past 6 weeks. And though summer is a period of suspended activity for some programs, particularly Children’s Services and Energy Services, we still meet with and deliver assistance to clients and patients for a variety of needs. The number of agency contacts only slightly lessens during these months.

We can take pride in our referral achievements to date. Last week, our total number of client/patient referrals was 55! That’s no small feat, and demonstrates that we are becoming more comfortable with the referral process. As we adapt to making internal referrals and the exercise becomes habitual, we will increase the weekly goal—to 70 in the fall, and perhaps upward again in the winter.

Beginning today, we will highlight our internal referral progress each week though a thermometer chart on the BB. The thermometer will keep staff informed about the referral work and provide a tool to help us meet our goal.

This is an exciting time for YCCAC. We’re developing strategies for more effective interventions, implementing changes to better serve our clients/patients, and maintaining focus on excellence in our plans, actions, and outcomes.

If you have questions about the internal referral initiative, please don’t hesitate to contact Meaghan Arzberger at

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