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Bringing Brightness to a Neighbor—A Message of Thanks

Martha Bresnahan, an Outreach worker based in Sanford, received a message of thanks from a client for whom she had arranged in-person assistance from a local volunteer.

Our thanks for Martha for sharing this note with us. If you have a similar message that you think others would like to know about, please send it to me at Client/patient names will not be included in any postings.

Hi Martha,

I just wanted to say how thankful I was for your volunteer Leo. He brought food to my door, and I got to thank him briefly from the second story window.

During these challenging times (COVID, financial, political…), it is amazing how an act of kindness can really brighten your day and make you appreciate and believe in your community.

Please express my gratitude to Leo. And to you of course. The support provided has not only helped us sustain basic needs, but it has refreshed our overall mental health.

Thank you for all that you do,


Client’s signature

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