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Anthem and Maine Medical Center Contract Information

A Message from our Broker, The Maine Municipal Employees Health Trust:

As you probably have heard, Maine Medical Center (MMC) has announced its intention to leave the Anthem network on January 1, 2023. We note that MMC and Anthem have been negotiating their contract for a few months and both parties are continuing to mediate their contract concerns. Since the effective date of this change is nine months away, we remain hopeful that both parties can work out their differences and that MMC will remain in the network. We are monitoring the situation on behalf of our members and employer groups, and we are looking into contingency plans in the event an agreement cannot be reached. We will continue to be in close contact with Anthem management.

We understand the concerns raised by this announcement and this potential change. As this has just been announced, we appreciate your patience as we maneuver this evolving situation.

For the latest updates please visit:

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