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All-Staff Party - A Success!

What do get when you mix ridiculous hats, 80/90’s music and an entertaining award ceremony together? You get a great and fun night like last night’s March into Spring Event! It turned out to be a great celebration after three long years of smaller events since the beginning of COVID in 2020. If you weren’t able to join the fun and frivolity, we’ll post some pictures here – but here is just one to give you the flavor of the event!

Awards went to:

Brenda Snow (WIC Dietitian /Office Manager) - Johnny-On-the-spot Award - Given to someone who is always the first to arrive at work and be proactive at meetings or respond quickly.

Dan Morin (Facilities Manager) - The Toolbox Award - For the person who can fix anything!

Erin Griffin (Clinical Team Leader) - The Silver Lining Award - This coworker always manages to keep it positive!

Jean Moulton (Administrative Assistant – Transportation) – The Helping Hand Award - Always willing to help out.

Jennifer Rand (Administrative Assistant – Administration)- The Party-Planner Award - Given to someone who loves to plan and organize parties and never runs out of food! The party planner doesn't need an excuse to host the best party you've ever seen. They can handle everything from lavish theme parties to workplace holiday celebrations.

Jeannine Kirven (Human Resources Benefits Coordinator) – The GPS Award - Most likely to know where anyone is at any given time.

Junelle Soucy (Energy Services Coordinator)- The Coffeeholic Award - Given to the someone who loves and drinks coffee. No matter what time of day it is, can always be found where the coffee is.

Lilly Perry (Lead Medical Assistant) - The Chatterbox Award - Given to the employee who loves chatting in the office. They enjoy talking endlessly with other co-workers.

Lisa Stearns (Lead Transportation Scheduler) – The Cool as A Cucumber Award - Given to the employee who is constantly serene. They are the coolest without getting angry and always manages stress like a boss.

Nicole Demers (Dental Assistant) - The Good Samaritan Award - They’ll jump start your car and give you their lunch. This kind coworker keeps you from losing it on a daily basis and brings happiness to stressful situations.

Nicole LeFlamme (Energy Services Assistant Manager) – The Mission Impossible Award - For achieving the impossible. You are now expected to do this every day.

Carrie Jensen (Head Start Teacher) & Deb Cardigan (Early Childhood Education Coordinator) – The Sunshine & Rainbows Award – An office in which many people find reasons to smile is an enjoyable place to go work for. And in this office of smiles, these two employees smiles are like welcome rays of sunshine!

Darcy Dube (Family Engagement Coordinator) – The Human Wikipedia Award – An award for someone who has all the answers and facts in their sleeve.

Morgan Nickerson (Head Start Teacher) – The Calm as a Clam Award – Given to someone who is calm, unruffled and handles pressure like a Boss!

Thanks to all who helped with the planning and at the event: Jennifer Rand, Sally Langlois, Christy Grugnale, Jeannine Kirven, Heather Harris, Michelle Fleagle, Debra Paradis, and Celyn Reed.

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