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$35 Gasoline Relief Supplement to Appear in Most Staff Paychecks Beginning This Week

The average price of a gallon of gasoline in York County now runs $4.84. That’s a historic high. And there’s no indication that the cost will significantly decrease anytime soon.

YCCAC appreciates that getting to and from work has become a hardship for many agency staff. In an effort to help offset the high cost of transportation, YCCAC is allocating a $35 monthly stipend for June, July & August to non-executive staff who travel to agency office sites or work hybrid, and who meet other certain qualifying criteria (below).

The payments will appear in paychecks beginning with this pay period (July 14) and will be paid again July 28 and August 25.

Eligibility for the relief payments are as follows:

1. Must be an active employee working on site during the month of payout.

2. New hires are eligible for the June relief payment if they received a paycheck on June 30.

a. The relief payment on July 14 is for the month of June; the July 28th payment is

for July; and the August 25 payment is for August.

3. Temp, on-call and part-time staff are eligible for the payment, provided they worked

onsite within the qualifying month of the relief.

We hope that this added income to staff paychecks will offer some relief to the high cost of travel during this time of exorbitant fuel prices.

If you have any questions about the gasoline relief payment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Liza Harriman or Jen Spalding at .

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