Leadership Team

Deborah Cadigan

Early Childhood Education Coordinator

Melissa Coreau

ERSEA Coordinator

Enrollment Questions: new enrollees, drops, withdraws -Unable to contact for new enrollees -Applications and Referrals -How to get a “sibling or relative enrolled”

Darcy Dube

Family Engagement Coordinator

Health support and follow-up -Recruitment efforts including application -Resources and Referrals for families - Conscious Discipline Parenting Curriculum -Family Goal Development including S.M.A.R.T. goals -Parent Engagement Strategies including parent bo

Brooke Hansen

Health and CACFP Coordinator

Erica Kelly

Children Services Facility & Safety Manager

Heather Kulickowski

Health & Nutrition Manager

Michelle Langlais

Interim Center Manager/Special Services Coord

Tammy Lear

Early Childhood Education Manager

Stephanie Lefebvre

Community Engagement/Recruitment Manager

Child abuse and neglect questions or concerns -DHHS reports -Parent engagement -for example: IFPA’s, Family Linkz (parent meetings), parent activities, policy council, training questions - Process through family situations - Ensuring all children meet 85%

Catherine Moloney

Office Coordinator/Administrative Assistant

Tabatha Peters

Center Manager

Danielle Raitt

Family Engagement / ERSEA Manager

Cecily Silva

Head Start Director

Licensing Questions -Any programmatic information your supervisor has not been able to help you with - Policy Council

Jennifer West

Head Start Assistant Director

Aline Morrison

Staffing Coordinator